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Office Forms

Assessment and Evaluation

  • What’s in a Form?
    PCS recognizes that your business forms are a vital tool in the operation of your business. We work to evaluate the functionality, performance and ease of use (for employees and customers) of your forms. Your external forms, the ones clients will see, are an extension of your business and should reflect your company’s branding look.

    Even in the age of the computer, forms are often used as input documents and should be paired with your software. This speeds data entry and reduces mistakes. Preprinted forms, like checks, can be printed with your branding look and fixed copy to promote your company while allowing quicker processing.

    Print Communication Solutions has been designing and printing forms for more than 25 years. By evaluating how you order, inventory and take delivery of all the various forms you use, we can show you how to reduce costs.

Strategy to Improve Function and Reduce Cost

  • Information Flow & Data Collection
    Whether you are a commercial business or a medical practice your forms are the vehicles of information that you rely on to operate your business accurately. Therefore, it is very important to analyze how your forms collect data. Is the data organized? Does it pair with your automated systems? Do your customers/patients understand what they are being asked for? Does the form’s design flow well through the different departments or phases of your business? PCS considers all these questions and more so that you get the highest benefit for your dollar.
  • Order Frequency, Quantities, Specifications, Etc.
    Once your forms’ copy and layouts are maximized it is time to get them produced. By analyzing usage patterns, quantities and other factors PCS will show you the best way to purchase your business forms. You will benefit from our years of experience in production capabilities and resources to get the highest quality, lowest cost print solutions.

Tactics & Tools

Here are some of the tactics and tools we use to get you results…

  • Typesetting
  • Printing Press Options
  • Inventory Management
  • Combined Orders
  • Warehousing
  • Turnaround

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