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Promotional Marketing

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Why Use Promotional Products?
    You probably use more than one every day. It could be the jacket or shirt you wore at a meeting, the mouse pad on your desk, or the mug you drink coffee from. Everyone at some time has been given some product with a logo or message on it. Hopefully the advertiser had identified a specific goal/purpose for using that particular promotional communication tool.

    Business people bought $20 billion dollars worth of promotional products last year, but they weren’t paying for products per se, they were paying for promotion or advertising value. They were looking for results like better customer relations, increased revenue, store traffic, trade show traffic, or motivated employees.

    Promotional products help to complement other forms of print marketing and advertising. They can cement your message, increase awareness and generate action. They reward, remind and inspire, both externally (customers and prospects) as well as internally (employees).

    Promotional products can be used for:

    • Brand or Message Awareness
    • Direct Mail Marketing
    • Sales Force Motivation
    • Event Marketing
    • Fund Raising
    • Souvenirs/Remembrances
    • Point of Purchase
    • Client Gifting
    • Employee/Community/Customer Relations
    • Association or Club Identification

    If you take the price per promotional pen, and divide that by the number of times someone notices the imprinted logo or message, you can see that the cost per impression is exceptionally low and amazingly cost-effective.

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  • Target Your Audience
    As with Print Marketing , it is important to understand “who” your target audience is so that you can choose the appropriate promotional product to use. The promotional item should be appropriate for your message (UVP) and audience so that it will be effective in garnering attention, interest and/or desire.

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Strategy Development

  • Determining What to Communicate
    PCS will assist you in determining “What” should be imprinted on your promotional product based on the goal you determine. The imprint should be consistent with other marketing tools, clever if possible, and directed at the target audience. In all but a few cases, there should be a phone number or website mentioned so clients or prospects can contact your company when an opportunity to do business arises.

  • Determining What Vehicle to use
    We will also suggest what promotional vehicles to use depending on the scope of the project. We will consider the size of the audience, distribution issues, your branding and message space requirements. Usually we can suggest several choices and often different vehicles can be used in succession to create a long lasting advertising effect.

  • Measuring Results
    Since you are investing significant time and effort into your marketing, you should be anxious to see the results. If at all possible, have your customer service or sales employees ask customers or prospects how they learned about your company or maybe how they found your number.

Tactics & Tools

  • Company Stores
  • Trade Show Recognition
  • Reward Programs
  • Safety Programs
  • Thank You Programs
  • Identity Programs
  • Special Signage

Please contact Print Communication Solutions to get professional advice on executing your promotional plan. Our highly qualified team is equipped to handle all of the details necessary to achieve your objectives.